Effective Training With Mobile

An employee training software including text message reminders, resource portals, gamified lessons, and more.

Why Use Mobile Technology For Training?


95% of text messages are read and responded to within 3 minutes of being received


Smartphone learners complete course material 45% faster than those using a computer.


72% of employees report increased engagement with mobile learning.


“We've seen huge increases in response rates versus other methods like email and paper-based flyers”

Director of Training and Development
Goodwill San Antonio

Employee Training Software Tools

Text Messaging

Create sequenced texts for training by scheduling messages in advance with links to training materials, videos, or sign up for future classes.
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Mobile Web App Builder

Allow your employees to access training and performance materials 24/7, optimized for mobile devices.
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Task Manager

Get new hires productive and working, faster by creating a mobile portal for forms, videos, and training resources. Make onboarding easy with task templates.
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Message Board

Foster a sense of community, propose discussion topics, and encourage peer support with a custom social feed.

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Leader Board

Employees complete set tasks to earn points and rise in the ranks among colleagues.

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“Engage by Cell has had a strong face validity. As soon as people see it, they get what it does right away.”

Vice President of Human Resources
Parkway Corporation

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We’ll build it for you!

Our engineering team will create a custom solution just for you. We can also integrate into any software through our open API.

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