Improve Internal Communication Through Text Messaging

Employees don’t always read company emails. Ensure your employees receive and read important correspondence via text messaging.

Why Use Text Messaging For Internal Communication?


98% of text messages are opened.


On average, Americans exchange twice as many texts as they do calls.


90% of people read a text in under 3 minutes.


Statistics from

“Our manufacturing people became essential workers. We needed to be able to communicate with them, but they don’t have desktops or laptops. However, they do have phones…Engage by Cell became absolutely vital to our ability to communicate with country leaders, HR and employees at large around the world.”

Senior Editor
Mary Kay

Mobile Solutions for Internal Communication

Mobile Web App Builder

Include a link in your text messages to a branded mobile web app full of the resources your employees need — no downloads required.

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Text Messaging

Send critical alerts, reminders, or birthday greetings via text. Stay in close contact with employees who are not desk-based. Manage individual text message responses with Text Chat or automate a series of text messages.
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Message Board

Foster a sense of community, propose discussion topics, and encourage peer support with a custom social feed.

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Engage by Cell’s latest team message alert system tool is the ultimate communication method. Our platform gives your team a quick way to send valuable information, in seconds, through a simple mobile dashboard!

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Don’t see what you’re looking for? We’ll build it for you!

Our engineering team will create a custom solution just for you. We can also integrate into any software through our open API.

Reach out today to learn more about custom engineering!

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