Supporting Government Staff and Communities They Serve

Increase community engagement by sending text message updates and publishing resources on a mobile web app.

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How Mobile Solves Community Engagement Challenges

Real-time Alerts
Real-Time Alerts
Send crucial information they will see in seconds.
Provide Resources
Provide Resources
Create a mobile web portal for onboarding and training.
Engage Job Seekers
Engage Job Seekers
Even those without access to a computer.

"We had changes in our refuse collection schedule and had to notify all residents, council people, and union representatives. In the past, we mailed postcards to everyone, but that’s not very effective. This time, Engage by Cell helped to spread the word. Plus, when residents enrolled in text messaging, we were able to divide them into zones and send messages relevant to those zones."

Management Analyst | The City of La Quinta

Solutions for Government Organizations

Automated Text Messaging

Schedule text messages by date or build a sequence.

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Text Chat

Engage 1-on-1 and manage multiple chats at once.

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Information Hotline

Users can access an audio menu of pre-recorded prompts.

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Smartphone Tour

Visitors access a mobile tour to see virtual exhibits, videos, etc.

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Resource Portal

Store content on a mobile web page like onboarding documents or training modules.

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