Text Chat

Administrators can manage multiple text message conversations on a desktop or mobile dashboard.

Text Chat

Turn One-Way Alerts into Two-Way Conversations

Engage by Cell's text chat is a two-way text messaging tool that allows administrators to respond to individuals and continue dialogue through an online dashboard. Use text chat to monitor various conversations on a desktop or mobile device. This platform is ideal for customer service, Q&A, events, follow-up, or collaborative discussions.

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People Want their Questions Answered Via Text Messaging.

Users can start a conversation or respond to a text blast with questions.
Staff members engage 1-on-1 and can manage multiple text chats at once.
Individuals receive answers in real-time.


Unlimited number of admins.

Create unique logins for your entire team to monitor text chats.

Forward conversations.

Other staff members can reply without revealing a personal phone number.

Flexibility for administrative users.

Admins can answer questions on any device: mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Virtual contact cards.

Brand your text messages with your logo and include other contact information.

Send MMS.

Include multimedia like images, video, and animated GIFs.

"Some of our signs prompt people to ask a question via text. It’s kind of fun to get these text conversations going. It’s also a great way to make your visitors feel acknowledged and make them feel like their questions are valid."

Curator of Education & Visitor Experience
Naples Botanical Garden

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