Payment Processing

Connect users to mobile credit card processing forms or text message donation services.

Engage by Cell's Payment Processing Technology

Effortless Transactions with Mobile Platforms

Engage by Cell's payment processing technology provides a secure and efficient way to accept payments. The platform connects directly to your merchant processor and provides customizable forms for event registrations, donations, or product purchases. Mobile credit card processing streamlines transactions, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience for both businesses and their customers.

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Accept payments via mobile devices.

Transactions Through Text

Contributions added to a monthly phone bill.

Mobile Credit Card Processing

Build credit card forms accessible via SMS or QR code.

Collect Through Calls

Accept payments and donations by touch tone.

Mobile payment solutions

Credit Card Donations

Direct donors to a mobile payment form via text message.

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Carrier Based Donations

Donations deducted from the donor’s monthly phone bill.

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Call to Donate

Simply call in to make a donation; perfect for those who don’t like to text.

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Mobile payment solutions


Use for openings, recruitment team contact or job fair information, qualification tests and more.

Conference App

Allow attendees to view event agendas, speaker bios, presentations, and facility maps.

Directories and Catalogs

Create a staff directory that employees can use to easily reach departments through a tap-to-call button.


Request proof of vaccination, send instructions and coronavirus policy updates.

Training and Performance Support

House training resources like videos, documents, and presentations all in one place.

Benefits Guide

Members or alumni can self-enroll for your text message alerts. Push out a mass text and respond to questions one-on-one.

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“In the past, we usually had about 50 to 60% of the money raised pre-event, so we knew that we had to up our game. Mobile allowed people to give during the event, make it a fun experience, and build community around giving all together at the same time."

Deputy Director of External Relations and Fundraising
KIPP New Jersey
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