Information Hotline

Users can access information through a phone call with prerecorded prompts and touch tone menu options.

IVR Phone System

Provide Answers to Frequent Questions via Dial-in Hotline

Engage by Cell’s Information Hotline can be used to provide essential instruction at scale. People of all ages appreciate the convenience of accessing audio information on their personal device. The system gathers the data and analytics, allowing your organization to monitor call logs and statistics.

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An IVR Phone system for automated information.

Visitors dial in to hear a menu of options.
From the touch-tone menu, they select the information they need.
They can also record a message to leave feedback when they've finished.


Accessible information.

Provide unlimited information in a phone tree.

Gather feedback.

Guests can dial in to leave recorded feedback.

Text follow up.

Automate text message responses to prompt numbers.

Data & analytics.

IVR phone system collects call logs and statistics.

“I really like the simplicity of Engage by Cell’s platform. Anybody with a phone can dial in. They don't even need a smartphone. You can call from your landline.”

Historic Houses Coordinator
Fairmount Park Conservancy

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