Message Boards

Promote positive team building with a company-wide social feed.

• Create a social space for discussions and information sharing
• Welcome new team members
• Foster a sense of community and belonging

Build A Positive Workplace Culture.

Employees receive an invitation to login and create a profile.
They initiate topic threads for discussion or reply to the topics of others.
Users can post in feeds for their training class, department, or entire company.


Manage multiple feeds.

Users can switch between tabs for their training class, all trainees, or company at large.

Find older conversations and posts.

Search posts, chat conversations, and member profiles.

Flag inappropriate comments.

Users can report inappropriate content to be reviewed and removed by admins. Derogatory phrases can also be blocked from posting.

Create suggested posts.

Admins can start topics which populate at the tops of users' feeds.

Combine with other services.

New hires complete tasks and compete to get in the lead.
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New Hire Evaluation
New Hire Evaluation
Employee mentors can oversee new hires’ training.
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Task Manager
Task Manager
Create task lists that can be assigned and monitored.
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