Task Manager

Create objectives, provide resources, and monitor progress with this mobile task management software.

Task management software

Increased Accountability & Easy Accessibility

Engage by Cell’s mobile task management software visualizes objectives, provides resources, and monitors progress. A manager or supervisor can create task lists with specific intervals to ensure continuous training and accountability. Users access an interactive task list on a mobile device or desktop to show progress.

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Keep Your Team On Track.

Employees receive a text message with a link inviting them to the platform.
Employees view their task lists, broken down by specific time periods.
As tasks are completed, onboarding managers and superiors are alerted.


Increase efficiency.

Create a roadmap to success with a chronological actionable items.

Hold leadership accountable.

Managers can create their own task lists to align with team needs.

Stay updated.

Send completed tasks to superiors to “sign off” on specific tasks.

Attach resources.

Include files or links to external training content.

Send notifications.

Send text message or email reminders from task management software.

"This interactive onboarding checklist provides new leaders with a roadmap of their first year in a leadership role.  They get a sequenced text message with a link to the custom checklist at 15, 45, 90, 180, and 270 days!  It is a fun way to keep everyone engaged and on the same page!"

System Director Leadership & Learning Institute
Tufts Medicine

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Our engineering team will create a custom solution just for you. We can also integrate into any software through our open API.

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