Event Passes

Streamline event ticketing with digital wallet passes automatically distributed via text message or email.

Event ticketing

Optimized Mobile Tickets

Engage by Cell’s Event Passes create streamlined event ticketing with digital passes automatically distributed via text messages or email. After ticket purchase or event registration, users will immediately receive a link via text message or email. This cost-effective digital solution provides immediate delivery and reduces fraud with individual, scannable codes.

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A simple improvement to the printed pass.

User submits information and payment.
Administrator is alerted of new registration and reviews submission.
User is sent a download link to the pass which is saved to their digital wallet.


Customizable templates.

Add your logo, colors, and custom fields.

Scannable passes.

Generate a QR code or barcode for scanning.

Immediate delivery.

Send via text or email instantly.

Easy access.

Save the pass as a file, photo, or digital wallet card.

More opportunities.

Use for event ticketing, identification, or guest passes.

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Our engineering team will create a custom solution just for you. We can also integrate into any software through our open API.

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