GPS Mapper

Interactive maps for any venue, site, or campus.

• Make your venue's map accessible on mobile devices
• Provide information on points of interest
• Visitor’s location always visible
• Save money by not printing paper maps

Designed For Those Visitors That Love To Explore.

Visitors scans a QR code at your venue to receive a link to the GPS Mapper.
They are able to navigate your map on their phone.
Areas of the map can be clicked to explore points of interest.


Users always know their location.

Position clearly indicated on the digital map.

Points of interest provide more information.

Can include a short description, imagery, or a link to an external page.

Create a map for every floor of your venue.

Easily navigate between floors.

Include additional media

Icons, keys, paths, animated GIFs and more.

Combine with other services.

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“For the Garden Glow event, we made our map interactive [with GPS Mapper]. As you hover over the points on the mobile map, a pop-up window explains what that stop is. It makes it really easy.”

Supervisor of Digital Engagement
Missouri Botanical Garden

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