GPS Mapper

Create a customized look, place interactive points of interest, and provide user location services with this mapping software.

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Upgrade Navigation & Touring with GPS Mapper

Engage by Cell's GPS Mapper technology empowers organizations to create interactive maps and guides for any area. Utilizing GPS blue dot technology, this platform enables users to navigate through custom maps, access relevant information, and discover points of interest. Indoor and outdoor facilities leverage the tool to enhance visitor experiences and wayfinding capabilities.

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Map Software Designed For Wayfinding & Tours.

Visitor scans a QR code or clicks a link to open your map.
They are able to navigate your map on their phone.
Clickable points of interest provide additional information.


User location services.

Blue dot technology clearly indicates user position on the map.

Clickable points of interest.

Selected locations can include a description, imagery, video, audio, links, etc.

Multilevel maps.

Map software allows users can toggle between floors to explore more.

Provide directions & paths.

Provide default directions or create custom paths between selected locations.

Geofencing opportunities.

Create automated popups triggered by the users location.

“For the Garden Glow event, we made our map interactive [with GPS Mapper]. As you hover over the points on the mobile map, a pop-up window explains what that stop is. It makes it really easy.”

Supervisor of Digital Engagement
Missouri Botanical Garden

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