Carrier Based Donations

Donors text to donate in preset amounts.

• One-time or recurring gifts in increments from $5 up to $50
• Payment added to donor’s cell phone bill
• Exclusively for 501(c)(3) charities

the easiest way for donors to give.

Donors text a campaign keyword to a mobile number.
They receive a reply asking to confirm a one-time or recurring donation by replying “YES.”
Once confirmed, the donation amount is added to donor’s monthly cell phone bill.


Quick and easy.

Text-to-donate campaigns remove any friction between the patron and giving.

Carrier activation.

Campaigns can work across all participating phone carriers.

Maintain donor relationships.

Add a thank you or follow-up text to engage your donors at a later date.

Combine with other services.

Fundraising Thermometer
Fundraising Thermometer
Watch donations rise as you approach your fundraising goal.
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Credit Card Donations
Credit Card Donations
Direct donors to a mobile payment form via text message.
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Text Chat
Text Chat
Send mass texts and manage individual responses 1-to-1.
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"We looked at a lot of different options. When we found Give by Cell, we had finally found the organization that was meeting all our needs. We wanted to make it quick, easy, and simple to give."

Senior Business Partnerships Manager
City Harvest

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